The Advertising Solution


Craig Simpson with Brian Kurtz. The Advertising Solution. Entrepreneur Press. 210 pages. 2016. paperbook. Kindle. ISBN-10: 1599185962

Craig Simpson, owner of Simpson Direct, Inc., with Brian Kurtz, founder of Titans Marketing, has written a book about direct marketing and the six legends who contributed to direct marketing.

These six legends are:

  • Claude Hopkins
  • Robert Collier
  • John Caples
  • David Ogilvy
  • Gary Halbert
  • Eugene Schwartz

As is pointed out in the book, The universal truths they wrote about are timeless.

The first to be looked at is Claude Hopkins (1866-1932) who in 1923 published the book Scientific Advertising which introduced many practices that are standard today in advertising.

The next featured is Robert Collier (1885-1950). He is famous for having writing The Robert Collier Letter Book. He discussed that he tried to know the desires of his prospect, and use those desires to move them to action.

Then next was John Caples (1900 – 1990) who is famous for the headline, ‘They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano But When I Started to Play!’  He believed in measuring response. He dealt with this in his book, Tested Advertising Methods.

Fourth is David Ogilvy (1911 – 1999) He wrote Confessions of an Advertising Man. He was famous for using information about a product to write an ad without much trouble.

Fifth is Eugene Schwartz (1927 – 1995) He wrote Breakthrough Advertising which some copywriters regard it as their guide book.

The sixth is Gary Halbert (1938 – 2007). He wrote The Boron Letters.

The lessons demonstrated in book, The Advertising Solution, are:

  • Have knowledge of your audience.
  • Have knowledge of the product.
  • Start working.
  • Have every part of the promotion package correct.
  • It all revolves around the prospect.
  • Have passion about what you are selling.
  • Have showmanship that will make you stand out.
  • Make sure you are consistent and clear.
  • There are many opportunities for copywriters.
  • Testing beats all.

Get this book and read it. Learn from it. It is a welcome addition to any copywriter’s library.