The Ultimate Sales Letter – 4th Edition


Dan S. Kennedy. The Ultimate Sales Letter – 4th Edition.  Adams Business.  224 pages. 2011. Paper book, Kindle. ISBN-13: 978-1-4405-1141-7.

He starts out with suggesting you “get ‘into’ the customer”. In short, understand the customer. Then he suggests that you “get ‘into’ the offer”.  In other words really know the product.n this book Dan S. Kennedy starts out by assuring the reader that anyone can write a sales letter. He points to the fact he is only a high school graduate and never worked in an ad agency. However he has been able to write very successful sales letters. He is self-taught and you too can be self-taught.

Then strangely enough Kennedy suggests addressing the flaws in your product or service. This increases your credibility.

Now you have the problem in getting the letter into the hands of intended receiver. One way is to make it not look like junk mail so the sorters and carriers in the United States Postal Service do not toss the letters without worrying about someone complaining.

Then Kennedy gets into how to get your letter read, how to present the price, and how to get action.

Next comes his advice on writing. This includes answering any questions and objections that the readers may have. Kennedy also advises to make certain that you make certain that you make the reader take immediate action. Because when the reader intends to do it “later”, the reader generally never does it.

There is even an interesting section of the use of the “PS”. In fact Kennedy states that the “PS” makes or breaks the letter.

Then he suggests that there be passion in the letter. Just the cold facts rarely sell.

Then comes the testing. This includes testing one headline against another headline, one picture against another picture, one offer against another offer and so forth. But always test.

Kennedy gives some examples of usage of sales letters in business. These include:

  • Create qualified leads.
  • Create store traffic.
  • Sell directly by mail order.

In short this book is well worth buying and reading.  Then read it again and study it. It will help you in creating a sales letter that will pull in the money.