Workman Compensation

Pay As You Go = Improved cash flow + better labor forecasting.

As a business owner are you looking for a better way to take care of worker’s compensation? Do you need to get away from painful audits?

Complete coverage with Work Comp Inc. eliminates having to set aside deposits and avoids year-end audit surprises since premiums are based on actual payroll rather than on estimates. Pay all you owe when you owe, period!

With our Pay-As-You-Go-Program, you receive high-quality workers compensation coverage. Our team is comprised of licensed consultants, knowledgeable about your state’s insurance requirements, who tailor a policy to your unique business needs.

You are guaranteed to receive coverage from a nationally recognized carrier, which ensures you’ll receive:

  • Competitive workers’ compensation insurance rates
  • Reliable service from knowledgeable experts
  • 24-hour toll- free customer service
  • Cost containment program

Your benefits include:

  • No upfront premiums to pay
  • No monthly payments or additional checks to write
  • Improved cash flow management
  • Avoidance of any year-end audit surprises
  • Accurate calculation based on actual payroll

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