Writing Riches


Ray Edwards. Writing Riches. Morgan James Publishing. 164 pages. 2010. Paper book, Kindle. ISBN-10: 1600377556.

In a book with nine chapters Ray Edwards gives very good instructions on how to write copy. Each chapter teaches you something about copywriting including e-mails and for the web.

The first chapter deals with the fifteen elements found in a sales letter. These include:

  • Headlines.
  • The body.
  • Bullets.
  • Risk reversal.

Headlines are covered in the second chapter. Edwards points out that how important a headline is. He also provides 9 templates that will give you better headlines.

These include:

  • The how-to headline.
  • The reason-why headline.
  • The command headline.
  • The warning headline.

Chapter 3 deals with e-mail. Edwards provides 21 keys for better marketing by email. These include:

  • Make a sale offer in every e-mail.
  • Have only one Most Wanted Response (MWR)
  • Always begin e-mail with a truth no one can deny.
  • Give people a reason to opt-in

Chapter 3 also deals with the interesting effect named for the Russian psychologist, Bluma Zeigarnik who studied the fact that people recalled tasks that were not completed better than tasks that were completed. Page 51- 52 has a very good explanation and why you should use it in your short e-mails.

The chapter 4 deals with bullets points. Included are 21 templates for having better bullet points.

These include:

  • Reverse hook bullet.
  • If-then bullet.
  • How-to bullet
  • Probing question bullet.

Edwards deals in Chapter 5 with what he calls “the triad of selling“ the offer, the close, and the risk reversal segment. He states that these three support the entire structure of your ad.  Edwards gives 21 steps to writing irresistible offers, rock-solid risk reversal, and powerful closes.

These include:

  • Having your offer stand alone.
  • Enclosing your offer in a box with dashed border.
  • Using handwritten guarantee.
  • Testing your order form.

In Chapter 7 Edwards deals with AdWords and pay-per-click. He writes about copywriting for AdWords. He notes that you can measure your advertising with AdWords and make adjustments.

Edwards gives 21 tips for getting better Pay Per Click Ads. These include:

  • Knowing the Most Wanted Response for your ad.
  • Know your keywords.
  • Promote your Unique Selling Proposition.
  • Watch what your successful competitors are doing.

In Chapter 8 Edwards deals with product launches. He gives 21 tips to have better products launches which include:

  • Realize product launches are first a story.
  • Promotions are mini-launches.
  • Know the arc of your story.
  • Cast your story.

In Chapter 9 Edwards ties it all together. He introduces concept of dominant story idea or “DS”. He uses movie trailers to explain the concept.

In short this book is a good book for learning copywriting. At the end of each chapter is a summation of the tips and elements given in the chapter.

However there is one short coming and that is there is no index. But even with that short coming this is a book for your library of copywriting books.